Working From Home Skills

Since our youngest was born, Andell has been working from home. Shortly after, my sister started to work from home also. There are more opportunities now to do that. I predict that many income earners when my kids are grown will be using their home as the primary site of employment. Or as many like to call it, working but be location independent. Basically, have a working laptop and internet access and you can work and earn income. Based on what I overhear from my husband while he’s working, there are definitely key skills that I have to think about for my sons and what they will need to develop.

1)Communication- working from home involves a lot of verbal communication. Conference calls with peers  and clients are heavy on Andell’s schedule. Like I tell many of the parents I have conferences with, make sure your child is having lengthy conversations with you. From a community and business stand point, I would definitely say that public speaking/communication type programs are needed. In addition to Kumon type businesses, schools to promote communication need to be developed.

2)Tech-Saavy- With this, I am talking about using all the right tools/media. If you haven’t been in  school or worked in a while, you need to experience online learning platforms such as Blackboard. Google VIPKIDS where kids in China are learning English from teachers online. Definitely practice using all forms of social media. If you aren’t on Pinterest, atleast create a secret board so you have a grasp on it. What this means as a parent is that eventually, your kids need to use social media because they will be using different platforms similar to them in the work place later, working from home or in traditional settings. When should you start this? As I roam the web and talk to parents, I have seen parents allowing their 12 year olds to start using social media with public settings. Many parents in the suburbs where I live get cell phones for their teens between the ages of 14-16.

3)Tunnel Vision- You do have to focus on your work goals at home.  There are still deadlines to be met.

4)Network- You still have to know how to mingle with people! Make sure you don’t lose that ability.

5)Education-  Definitely research what jobs are out there now. So many job titles are new.


What your kids could be doing at home:

1)Email people (family members)

2)Create digital presentations (it’s not just basic PPT)

3)Create blogs

4)Create movie files and upload to YouTube

Practicing to work from home #wah

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