7 Year Old’s Wish List

A couple of more days until our youngest is 7! We actually have a lot of catching up. He wants videos from the day he was born. Definitely will have to ask grandma if she has some clips. It will be a Pokemon themed birthday. In case you were wondering what a 7 year old in America might be interested in, here are some of my son’s favorite things!

My son is into special effects and magic. What a better gift than the new book from Zach King!

Ah what 7 year old does not want just one more fidget spinner. The request this time is for a gold one!

Athletic wear! According to my son he can run faster when dressed in athletic shorts!

The rest include more converse shorts and some scientific toys to make tornadoes! Happy birthday October babies!
Click here to see the rest of his wish list!

Board Games

My sons recently requested to play board games together! Miracle, right? Who asks to play board games these days? I was glad that they did. I have tried different ones and the one they are enjoying the most right now is the Monopoly Disney Cars version. My older son who has a fascination with everything related to Pixar enjoys this game with his little brother in first grade.

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On our recent trip to Toys R Us we also bought Pie Face. We haven’t played it yet. I am just still surprised that they are asking to play something that is not anything related to a smart phone or a tablet! The great thing about Toys R Us is that they price match from Amazon. For this shopping trip, I did request a price match and I saved quite a bit! I am thankful that there is internet while in Toys R Us to look for those deals! So stores do make it hard to get reception preventing you from price matching.

Here are the direct links from Amazon!


Pie Face!


A game that we played a while back when my older son was in Kinder was Sequence. I should pull that out again soon. He did enjoy it at that time. This game was really enjoyed by my second graders also as part of a station.

There is a kids version.

We might have to be unplugged for a couple of days as a tropical storm is heading our way. Wish us luck!