Copper Kitchen

Saw a glimpse of copper colored kitchen items that I wanted to share! Definitely would love these for myself. The first are a set of mixing bowls. They are definitely under $50.00 and would make a great gift for the holidays or for birthdays.

The next set of items are copper colored canister sets. Some days I do want them, but I am always trying to declutter the kitchen counter areas. So I am not sure. If I did get some, then for sure I would love the copper finish ones or those with a touch of copper.

Some sugar and creamer set!

Treats container!

Hope you liked the gift ideas for under $50.00 !

Kitchen Themed Gifts for Under $50.00

I was going through the kitchen and noticed some things I definitely needed to replace or get more of. The ones listed below are all under $50.00 and all can be found on Amazon. Maybe you have people in your lives that ask you all the time what you would like as gifts. Well send them this list! My favorite gifts to give are ones that I myself would love to buy but probably don’t buy for myself because I decided something else was needed. These are definitely those items- not needed but nice to have or have more of!

1)Stainless Steel Cooking Gadgets

2)Oven Mitts- I find myself needing that extra mitt since my kids now love to help! Moms or dads with kids will need more of them, even if they don’t realize it yet.

3)Magnetic chip bag clips – This is a gift that I would love receiving because I don’t want to spend on it myself but it’s a product I definitely could use! Get it for parents who have school aged kids! They will need them to close the chip bags and cereal. They will also need them to post things on that refrigerator door!

4)Wooden chopping board-

5)Kitchen drawer organizers – I did buy mine at IKEA but here is one from Amazon if you have those Amazon only gift givers! Or maybe you have major Amazon gift cards!

5)Toaster Oven- I just got rid of ours. So I need a new one. It’s one of those things that you don’t need. But with the kids being independent in the kitchen and wanting to do their own things, it’s nice to have.

6)Wooden Mixing Spoons- Can’t get too many! Someone is always wanting to mix and bake alongside!

Happy shopping!