Getting New Tires : Pirelli

It was a get new tires weekend! Tires always dig deep in the pockets. Dealer pricing would have cost us over 1 grand. Thankfully, we found D3 Motorsport. Andell chose Pirelli tires. Thankfully, the cost was nowhere near the dealer estimate!

Let me tell you about the Audi A4. Before the Jeep Commander, we actually just purchased an Audi A4. We quickly sold it to get the Commander when I found out I was pregnant. Andell kept his dream car which is still alive today at 11 years old. Hurricane Harvey did damage the Jeep Commander, but it was a heavily used SUV. This black A4 was purchased last year. I had wanted to get a newer car to prepare for possible breakdowns of the older vehicles. Glad that we did. When we bought it, we looked at This site basically tells you what the best deals are! There’s nothing hard about it, it will have an arrow pointing up if it’s a great deal! We found the car in Austin from First Texas Honda. The best part was that at 2 years old, it only had 13,000 miles!!!! Score!!!

If you are looking for a new vehicle, definitely check out that site. The boys think they want a truck to replace the Jeep Commander. Specifically, they want a Ford truck. Maybe it’s a guy thing! After Harvey, there is definitely a need for one. We would have a lot of uses for it. In the meantime, we will continue to browse”>

Jeep Commander

So long Jeep Commander
You were always ready to wander

From Texas to Arizona
We even took you to Chattanooga

From the snow in Santa Fe
You led us to any way

We took you to the northeast
And to Florida for a feast

You carried more than a load
From Lowes and Home Depot
You were the size of a great big hero

We wanted to see you over the 200k mile
You almost made it and you tried for a while

But came Harvey and brought much rain
We will now take you out of your pain

You were our first car as husband and wife
Not going to lie it hurts like a knife

Our ode to you our very first Jeep
You were totaled and must go to sleep