After Hurricane Harvey, we can finally celebrate my grandmother’s 80 something birthday!! Here she is from 2 years ago at 80+.

Below is a photo from this year during my mom’s birthday.

With 80 something gmother

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It’s pretty neat that my mom at 62 still celebrated with her own mother.

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My grandmother loved Oil of Olay! I am sure she continues her evening ritual with it. It has definitely worked for her skin!

Hosting LuLaRoe!!!

I am excited to be hosting for my friend LuLaRoeViv. She has taken her pieces all over the world. Join her on Facebook LuLaRoeViv!!!

This is a pic of Vivian in Asia this summer where she went to teach. She is wearing the skirt that I want! The moment she had it in stock, I got beat! I am definitely hoping for one to be in stock soon.

I loved this Amelia when Vivian wore it to work (we were both working as 2nd grade teachers). She wears it also to watch musicals on a date night.

I definitely had to get my own Amelia in Mauve (I think that would be the color…but whatever it is I love it!).

Shopped at @vivalaviviana #lularoe #amelia in small

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Recently, we traveled to Los Cabos. I brought my pieces with me. Here’s a pic of one.

#free prints thanks to #Walgreens

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In the morning, I actually wore it as a dress. Then when it came time to ride the bus, I tied it in a knot and wore it as a shirt over shorts.

Even though I am vertically challenged, I have a long torso. So the dress below I don’t mind wearing as a shirt over skinny jeans.

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I don’t have a pic of my mom in her Carly, but she cannot wait to get her hands on some more! She loves how comfortable they are. My mom is in her 60s (in case you were wondering if it was good for just a certain age group).

As teachers, these pieces are so easy to use because they don’t wrinkle. If you travel,they don’t take much room to pack at all. The Julia has held up really well after several washes. I got lazy about hanging it and sometimes Andell would end up washing a load before I could tell him to do this and that. But the Julia has really done well! The Amelia I do hang dry because it is a piece I don’t want to take a chance on!

Fall is heading our way here in America. When you teach here in the USA, gone are the days of wearing high heels. Teachers here must think about comfort when chasing after all different personalities. Public school teachers really working closely with students in small groups, also. Teachers love the comfort of the leggings from LuLaRoe, but you obviously have to hide the skin tight wear. The perfect layer is the Sarah. Here are the different looks! If you are petite like Vivian and me, no worries…check out Vivian’s IG page and you will see she carries the style well! I am definitely getting some for dressing in leggings/boots.

Check out some Sarah looks on IG !!!!

Wear them with Converse !

Or wear them with Birkenstocks !

Happy shopping and be on the lookout for album sales on Vivian’s Facebook page!

Working From Home Skills

Since our youngest was born, Andell has been working from home. Shortly after, my sister started to work from home also. There are more opportunities now to do that. I predict that many income earners when my kids are grown will be using their home as the primary site of employment. Or as many like to call it, working but be location independent. Basically, have a working laptop and internet access and you can work and earn income. Based on what I overhear from my husband while he’s working, there are definitely key skills that I have to think about for my sons and what they will need to develop.

1)Communication- working from home involves a lot of verbal communication. Conference calls with peers  and clients are heavy on Andell’s schedule. Like I tell many of the parents I have conferences with, make sure your child is having lengthy conversations with you. From a community and business stand point, I would definitely say that public speaking/communication type programs are needed. In addition to Kumon type businesses, schools to promote communication need to be developed.

2)Tech-Saavy- With this, I am talking about using all the right tools/media. If you haven’t been in  school or worked in a while, you need to experience online learning platforms such as Blackboard. Google VIPKIDS where kids in China are learning English from teachers online. Definitely practice using all forms of social media. If you aren’t on Pinterest, atleast create a secret board so you have a grasp on it. What this means as a parent is that eventually, your kids need to use social media because they will be using different platforms similar to them in the work place later, working from home or in traditional settings. When should you start this? As I roam the web and talk to parents, I have seen parents allowing their 12 year olds to start using social media with public settings. Many parents in the suburbs where I live get cell phones for their teens between the ages of 14-16.

3)Tunnel Vision- You do have to focus on your work goals at home.  There are still deadlines to be met.

4)Network- You still have to know how to mingle with people! Make sure you don’t lose that ability.

5)Education-  Definitely research what jobs are out there now. So many job titles are new.


What your kids could be doing at home:

1)Email people (family members)

2)Create digital presentations (it’s not just basic PPT)

3)Create blogs

4)Create movie files and upload to YouTube

Practicing to work from home #wah

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Los Cabos

This summer we went to Los Cabos. The heat was intense for my two boys. This tells me that third world travel to the Philippines is still out of the picture. They did love the Hilton hotel! To make it easier, we booked with their airport pick up and drop off. To celebrate my sister’s birthday, one of the restaurants we ate at was Acre Baja . It was a beautiful area with many tropical fruits and farm animals. While we were there, they were just completing tree houses for future accommodations! How cool would that be! It will definitely call for another trip.

The family photo of the summer!

Photoshoot with @danielaortizphoto !! @hiltonloscabos

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Hilton Hotel

#portraits #kids #photos click on photo link in bio #sugarland #houston #pearland

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#latergram @hiltonloscabos #mexico #loscabos

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#latergram at @hiltonloscabos

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#latergram #travel @hiltonloscabos

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Enjoying his last moments

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Sunset in Los Cabos

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San Jose del Cabo area

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We visited the San Jose del Cabo area en route to Acre Baja restaurant. The four of us could not handle one more excursion for the day so we missed another restaurant outing with the rest of our gang. My son really needed down time after exploring San Jose del Cabo in the heat. When you are in Los Cabos transportation via taxi is expensive. The best way is to really have a prearranged private transportation as you tour around. The bus is great for typical families but for us, one destination at a time via bus was all we could handle.

A bus ride away from Hilton, you can go to a plaza with a big grocery store called La Comer. My husband made the initial trip for us to get groceries. He was on the bus very early and had no problem with that. But, on the return he was sweating from the bus stop to the hotel. The bus did have AC, the weather was just hot! My sister chose to have groceries delivered to the hotel since the they had toddlers with them.

I learned from Jaime our driver that a great place to visit next time is La Paz. It is about two hours from Los Cabos. Again, that will be for another trip!



Board Games

My sons recently requested to play board games together! Miracle, right? Who asks to play board games these days? I was glad that they did. I have tried different ones and the one they are enjoying the most right now is the Monopoly Disney Cars version. My older son who has a fascination with everything related to Pixar enjoys this game with his little brother in first grade.

#cars #monopoly #games #unplugged

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On our recent trip to Toys R Us we also bought Pie Face. We haven’t played it yet. I am just still surprised that they are asking to play something that is not anything related to a smart phone or a tablet! The great thing about Toys R Us is that they price match from Amazon. For this shopping trip, I did request a price match and I saved quite a bit! I am thankful that there is internet while in Toys R Us to look for those deals! So stores do make it hard to get reception preventing you from price matching.

Here are the direct links from Amazon!


Pie Face!


A game that we played a while back when my older son was in Kinder was Sequence. I should pull that out again soon. He did enjoy it at that time. This game was really enjoyed by my second graders also as part of a station.

There is a kids version.

We might have to be unplugged for a couple of days as a tropical storm is heading our way. Wish us luck!


Noise Sensitivity At Age 3

When my son was three years old, he developed noise sensitivity. Noises that didn’t bother him at the age of 2 and younger, bothered him at the age of 3. The sudden onset of laughter would make him panick. Whenever his father and I had conversations where our volumes went up, he would have a very negative reaction. In front of him, we had to make sure our tone would not cause him to get frantic.

At age 4 we tried auditory integration therapy. At that time it was one week’s worth of different sound frequencies delivered through headphones. If you called audiologists, they did not do anything for hyperacusis till the age of atleast 8. I found someone who did AIT whose own twin sons had Autism. Many occupational therapists are the ones to provide this therapy now. The cost of one week of therapy was about one thousand dollars.

At the age of 5 years old, since he loved basketball, we registered him to play basketball. He could not stand the buzzers and whistles. He would play in court covering one ear and then handling the ball with the other hand. After one season we stopped. The problem with noise could be found in the school setting. When he entered Kinder, you bet it was hard for him to hear that fire alarm! He wanted to stop going to school because of that. Then he memorized that the principal would have them before the 15th of the month. His anxiety was so high that he wasted brain power to memorize that schedule. It did take a village to help him. My sister was busy googling and got him headphones.

Sometimes he wore the noise cancelling headphones, other times he didn’t. But it was always in his backpack. This summer at the age of 9, he asked us to sign him up again for basketball. He felt he could handle the noise. Guess what?! He did! His love for basketball was even greater than his anxiety about all the noise! Thanks to http://www.quilliancenter.org/ for having such a great basketball program!  This was the program we signed him up with  when he was 5 and now at the age of 9.



We are so proud of him!

Books To Read Out Loud To 2nd Graders

From my experience as a second grade teacher, students will need to compare and contrast fairy tales and folk tales in this grade level. So apart from reading the traditional stories, it is also important to read other versions to make the text comparisons. Here are some books that your child will most likely get exposed to at a public school in America:

Cinderella Versions



The Three Little Pigs


Little Red Riding Hood Versions

I would read these stories out loud and discuss the setting, problem, events that lead to the solution and the solution of the story. Discuss the similarities and differences between them such as the characters and the setting. During this stage students are introduced to the term theme or the message/lesson that the author is trying to convey. In the classroom, your child will be creating charts to compare several texts. If you have a child that needs support, you might have to list each story and then make a list of themes on the next column.

At home discuss various connections to the texts. In school the teacher might ask them personal connections (this reminds me of). They might also ask what text to media connections they made. Kids make these connections easily. Finally, relate the stories to what is happening in the news.

Different versions are called fractured fairy tales or adaptations. My favorite author is Leo Lionni. He creates his own fables but students can easily make connections to other traditional fables. If you were going to gift a friend, niece, or nephew a set of books, I would definitely recommend a set of his books.

This is my favorite. His stories are easy to understand but students at the second grade level can analyze them easily independently. Connections can be pulled and themes can be formulated.

When I was a child my mom made sure I had Aesop’s Fables. This is another book I suggest your child have for his or her collection!

Happy reading and don’t forget to buy your child a dictionary for this coming school year!

ASD Journey: Family Vacations

Our son loves home! But sometimes we pull him out of his comfort zone and decide to go on this thing called family vacations! Yikes!!He likes the routine of things such as taking the trash out every Tuesday and Thursday. The thought of being out of routine/home simply fills him with great anxiety. The minute we talk about how long we will be at our destination, he quickly comes up with a million reasons why we should only be there for a shorter amount of time. This reminds me of an aunt, a very happy one. She has never stepped foot out of the Philippines. I am not sure that she has even been to more than 10 different places in the Philippines. But the point is that she is a happy soul. We know that our son would be completely happy staying in familiar places, but we continue to have these family vacations and waste money (as he says) because we do want to be there for him to coach him and properly respond when he experiences something new.

So how do we survive family vacations?

First, it has got to be of high interest. Think LEGOS, DISNEY, WATER PARKS and POOLS! Add to the list DANTDM, because atleast now he would like to go to England but only under one condition and that of course is to meet DANTDM in person!

Second, when the people he’s comfortable with are there, it makes it a BIT better!

Food is really important. Do you think we can just take him to a new restaurant? Think again! We have been known to bring a small rice cooker in our check-in, head to the grocery store upon arrival and get rice and eggs. I can whip up a meal as long as there’s a microwave and electrical outlet for the rice cooker.

Finally, any devices capable of games + WIFI is our life saver!

With that in mind some flashback pics and videos.

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Some of us don't like sand nor the smell of the beach

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Cousins #2017 #disney

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#legoland #florida

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A little sad here because his map got folded up …he did have fun after getting over that!

#thanksgiving #2015

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Happier with familiar people!


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Middle of the ocean @aabarado

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Photography: Brothers with their Poodles and Papillon

Recently, I photographed the sons of my friend with their Teacup Poodles and Papillon. Their Papillon is so well-trained! His name is Tristan and lots of onlookers couldn’t help but say hello. Their Teacup Poodles also got the attention of many people just about to head to work. Many ladies had to stop by and pet them. If you are ever in Sugar Land don’t forget to take photos at the Town Square! Here are some of the photos!

The Resort At Pelican Hill

Photos were from 2013 but I had to share since they popped up again on my IG feed!!! We stayed with the whole family at The Resort At Pelican Hill in California. It is a beautiful place!!! It has one of the world’s largest circular pool! Here are our personal photos!


#view #pelicanhill

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Dinner al fresco

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via @frametastic breakfast at largest circular pool in the world #pelicanhill

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Breakfast #ca #pelicanhill style

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with my sister and brother -in-law

Happy #40thbirthday to my big sis @aandar2014! #thisis40 #youstilllooklikeyoureinyourtwenties

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