Getting New Tires : Pirelli

It was a get new tires weekend! Tires always dig deep in the pockets. Dealer pricing would have cost us over 1 grand. Thankfully, we found D3 Motorsport. Andell chose Pirelli tires. Thankfully, the cost was nowhere near the dealer estimate!

Let me tell you about the Audi A4. Before the Jeep Commander, we actually just purchased an Audi A4. We quickly sold it to get the Commander when I found out I was pregnant. Andell kept his dream car which is still alive today at 11 years old. Hurricane Harvey did damage the Jeep Commander, but it was a heavily used SUV. This black A4 was purchased last year. I had wanted to get a newer car to prepare for possible breakdowns of the older vehicles. Glad that we did. When we bought it, we looked at This site basically tells you what the best deals are! There’s nothing hard about it, it will have an arrow pointing up if it’s a great deal! We found the car in Austin from First Texas Honda. The best part was that at 2 years old, it only had 13,000 miles!!!! Score!!!

If you are looking for a new vehicle, definitely check out that site. The boys think they want a truck to replace the Jeep Commander. Specifically, they want a Ford truck. Maybe it’s a guy thing! After Harvey, there is definitely a need for one. We would have a lot of uses for it. In the meantime, we will continue to browse”>

Kitchen Themed Gifts for Under $50.00

I was going through the kitchen and noticed some things I definitely needed to replace or get more of. The ones listed below are all under $50.00 and all can be found on Amazon. Maybe you have people in your lives that ask you all the time what you would like as gifts. Well send them this list! My favorite gifts to give are ones that I myself would love to buy but probably don’t buy for myself because I decided something else was needed. These are definitely those items- not needed but nice to have or have more of!

1)Stainless Steel Cooking Gadgets

2)Oven Mitts- I find myself needing that extra mitt since my kids now love to help! Moms or dads with kids will need more of them, even if they don’t realize it yet.

3)Magnetic chip bag clips – This is a gift that I would love receiving because I don’t want to spend on it myself but it’s a product I definitely could use! Get it for parents who have school aged kids! They will need them to close the chip bags and cereal. They will also need them to post things on that refrigerator door!

4)Wooden chopping board-

5)Kitchen drawer organizers – I did buy mine at IKEA but here is one from Amazon if you have those Amazon only gift givers! Or maybe you have major Amazon gift cards!

5)Toaster Oven- I just got rid of ours. So I need a new one. It’s one of those things that you don’t need. But with the kids being independent in the kitchen and wanting to do their own things, it’s nice to have.

6)Wooden Mixing Spoons- Can’t get too many! Someone is always wanting to mix and bake alongside!

Happy shopping!

7 Year Old’s Wish List

A couple of more days until our youngest is 7! We actually have a lot of catching up. He wants videos from the day he was born. Definitely will have to ask grandma if she has some clips. It will be a Pokemon themed birthday. In case you were wondering what a 7 year old in America might be interested in, here are some of my son’s favorite things!

My son is into special effects and magic. What a better gift than the new book from Zach King!

Ah what 7 year old does not want just one more fidget spinner. The request this time is for a gold one!

Athletic wear! According to my son he can run faster when dressed in athletic shorts!

The rest include more converse shorts and some scientific toys to make tornadoes! Happy birthday October babies!
Click here to see the rest of his wish list!

Halloween Decorating

Our youngest has an October birthday and big brother enjoys all the Halloween decor. We are pretty festive during the month of October. We have been going to Lowes to browse their current stock on inflatables. Most importantly, we are waiting for them to go on sale! Here are some of the ones we are wanting and they are all Minion themed.

Our youngest who turns 7 this year will be having a Pokemon themed party! Pictures from that party coming in about a month. But you can be sure the cake will be from Cake4Tay. This was the cake Angel made for David last year!

We haven’t decided on a Pokemon cake yet, but I know it will be one of a kind!

Gifts for 9 year old boys and a 6 year old little brother

My son saves items from Amazon to purchase later. Usually he will tell grandma to buy him a few things based on what he has saved in his shopping cart. How is that for delayed gratification? Here are some items on his list. First, he is into NBA basketball jerseys!

Because he is into basketball…

Little brother’s favorites

Weeknight Fun: Arcade Games

My youngest son really wanted to play some arcade games on a Tuesday night. We just returned to school and to our regular schedule after days off due to Hurricane Harvey. It was an easy first day back and because he was upset about losing the SUV due to Harvey, I decided a night out would be good for him. Andell and I decided to hit Regal Grand Parkway. We can give them a game card while we sit and sip coffee or eat. All this while watching the boys.

When we arrived it was obviously pretty quiet being a weeknight. We decided to join the boys in trying to get plushes from the claw machines. All four of us also played Pac-Man! The boys shot some baskets. All four of us also played air hockey. The boys had a great time!

They are into arcades #sons #follow

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There’s nothing like winning a plush from a claw machine!

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For The Guys/Mechanics: Lock Actuator

I had no idea what a lock actuator was. However, I knew something needed to be replaced in Andell’s prized car, his old BMW. It is now 11 years old. The left rear door suddenly made multiple clicking noises when the unlock key was pressed. It didn’t even open easily. He found a youtube link and bought the part for under $100 and in less than 20 minutes had it working like new. No more clicking noises. So long as no hurricane comes our way, this car should last for another many thousand miles!

This is the pic of the part he took out.

Birthdays in your Eighties

This was my grandmother’s post Hurricane Harvey birthday party! Something my mother started was for each grandchild to get a mini cake. Here is a pic of the actual cake made by Angel from Cake4Tay

The party was held at my mother’s favorite venue Sweetwater Country Club

Some birthday gift ideas for a celebrant in her 80s!


Here are some back to school portraits and a birthday one, too!

Jeep Commander

So long Jeep Commander
You were always ready to wander

From Texas to Arizona
We even took you to Chattanooga

From the snow in Santa Fe
You led us to any way

We took you to the northeast
And to Florida for a feast

You carried more than a load
From Lowes and Home Depot
You were the size of a great big hero

We wanted to see you over the 200k mile
You almost made it and you tried for a while

But came Harvey and brought much rain
We will now take you out of your pain

You were our first car as husband and wife
Not going to lie it hurts like a knife

Our ode to you our very first Jeep
You were totaled and must go to sleep