My Feng Shui Mistakes

Here are my feng shui mistakes! Learn from them!

1)A mirror directly across the bed! I am definitely removing it but looking to see what to replace it with! I am going from brown furniture to something lighter. So something like the mirror below would work. I am still browsing!

2)Clutter! Frankly with two people working full time, we need someone to help us. Now in other countries, someone would be in charge of this daily. However, we aren’t in that position. If I can only clean one area..I will now clean the kitchen area daily!!

3)Welcome mat with your name or initials! I did quickly change that!!!!!!!!

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The new one is just a simple WELCOME!

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4)Not having a money tree!

5)Not using the right colors for me (car, etc). I now have a black car, which is the best color for me!

It’s a creative decorating challenge I love to take on. Good luck with your Feng Shui decorating!