Eating Right at 40!

I am definitely having to watch what I eat now!!!! The levels are creeping up and my goal is to lose 20 pounds! Journey with me on the road to losing those 20 pounds! Hubby and his levels are at an elite status. Mine are not. I am definitely going to have to move daily and sweat it out. Since getting the dogs, hubby has been walking 3 miles a day. That has probably maintained his levels well. HAHAHA! Please comment away on your goals!

At work, we are also starting a weekly weigh in to not gain when the holidays come. So a coworker and I are joining that and texting each other after every walk we do. In the past I do get to that obsessive point. I am not going to lie, I will probably get a little bit that way since I am really serious about this.

This weekend we went to the Asian market to get my favorite vegetables and had our walk. Good luck to me!