Games, Toys, and Autism

If you are reading this at the beginning of your Autism diagnosis journey, know that your child will have many joys. I began this post a year ago Games, Toys, and Autism and I hope to be more detailed with this post.

2 years old:
At this age my son loved Curious George. He brought it with him to preschool to give him comfort. Even though he had many other stuffed animals, this was one that he grew attached to! It will be a couple years later that other plushes come into the picture. One of his aunts had given this to him.

He started to develop his love of basketball at this age also and loved the repetitive motion of shooting the ball. We have videos of him practicing his shooting skills. So definitely purchase a basketball hoop. We did have him join a typical basketball team when he was in kinder. The noise was too much for him but he survived the season. It wouldn’t be till 4th grade that he would try it again.

We had this inside our home and he had a bin full of balls.

Bowling was another activity he enjoyed. My sister had given him a gigantic bowling set and was absolutely entertained by it. Whenever we visited my parents, he would use empty water bottles as pins and use any ball he could get his hands on to play bowling. I would say that for him “imaginary” play was more like substitution play.

His love for bowling allowed him to later enjoy himself at bowling birthday parties.

3 years old:
This year was definitely marked by a love of balloons. My mom and I were repeat customers at Party City. We learned that you could just bring your previously purchased balloons and refill it. Who knew that I would be visiting the grocery store to buy random balloons also. The Dollar Tree became our go to store when his obsession with it grew even more.

See his balloon themed party here

At this age, he also started to develop a love for Disney cars like Lightning McQueen. With many of his likes (didn’t know at this time) there would be a need to start a collection.

I am certain it was during this time he discovered the Disney store.

Age 4
My mom had a Baby Channel station. He loved watching EggBird. I am not sure if that eventually led to his love for Angry Birds. Looking back on my Facebook posts, at one time, he wanted his dad to go to Party City to buy him ten Angry Birds balloons. Once he loved something, he had to have several. His love for Angry Birds was not just balloons but also towels, plushes, and t-shirts.

Age 5
At this age he started developing a love for building with Angry Birds Jenga pieces. He loved toys like the following

This eventually led to his love for Star Wars.

Age 6-8
Definitely full blown love of Legos
He was building over 1000 pieces on his own. Explaining Some Lego Figures

Eating Right at 40!

I am definitely having to watch what I eat now!!!! The levels are creeping up and my goal is to lose 20 pounds! Journey with me on the road to losing those 20 pounds! Hubby and his levels are at an elite status. Mine are not. I am definitely going to have to move daily and sweat it out. Since getting the dogs, hubby has been walking 3 miles a day. That has probably maintained his levels well. HAHAHA! Please comment away on your goals!

At work, we are also starting a weekly weigh in to not gain when the holidays come. So a coworker and I are joining that and texting each other after every walk we do. In the past I do get to that obsessive point. I am not going to lie, I will probably get a little bit that way since I am really serious about this.

This weekend we went to the Asian market to get my favorite vegetables and had our walk. Good luck to me!

My Feng Shui Mistakes

Here are my feng shui mistakes! Learn from them!

1)A mirror directly across the bed! I am definitely removing it but looking to see what to replace it with! I am going from brown furniture to something lighter. So something like the mirror below would work. I am still browsing!

2)Clutter! Frankly with two people working full time, we need someone to help us. Now in other countries, someone would be in charge of this daily. However, we aren’t in that position. If I can only clean one area..I will now clean the kitchen area daily!!

3)Welcome mat with your name or initials! I did quickly change that!!!!!!!!

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The new one is just a simple WELCOME!

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4)Not having a money tree!

5)Not using the right colors for me (car, etc). I now have a black car, which is the best color for me!

It’s a creative decorating challenge I love to take on. Good luck with your Feng Shui decorating!

Copper Kitchen

Saw a glimpse of copper colored kitchen items that I wanted to share! Definitely would love these for myself. The first are a set of mixing bowls. They are definitely under $50.00 and would make a great gift for the holidays or for birthdays.

The next set of items are copper colored canister sets. Some days I do want them, but I am always trying to declutter the kitchen counter areas. So I am not sure. If I did get some, then for sure I would love the copper finish ones or those with a touch of copper.

Some sugar and creamer set!

Treats container!

Hope you liked the gift ideas for under $50.00 !

Double Leash For A Toy Poodle And A Maltipoo

My son has started to research using a double leash. This was his own initiated product research and I never even thought of it. But looking to see what’s good out there!

From many sites one con to a double leash in general is that it doesn’t provide enough space between the two dogs. We will have to think about that one as one is a strong Maltipoo and our other is a gentle Toy Poodle. Just from looking at a couple of double leashes, I do have to make sure that they fit the types of dogs we have. I like that the pic above states specifically that it is for smaller dogs. Would love your thoughts on double leashing!

Swimming Away

This summer is like previous summers…we are poolside most days! The boys need to get their energies out and they do it by using the diving board to jump into the pool and swimming laps. My eldest one is super sensitive to sunburns and really has a hard time with the sting of it. So much so that it does impede his ability to do anything else because of the heightened sensory issues. The good thing is that he now makes sure he has the sunblock to protect him. We are poolside for probably 3 hours. The difference this year is that we are joined by my niece and nephew who are loving the pool! Here are some of our pictures!

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How I Got Over My Fear of Dogs

It really took turning 40 for me to be motivated about getting over my fear of dogs. Now that I have two dogs, I can say that fear of getting hurt was a big part. When I first got my maltipoo, strange but it helped me, I felt the need to cover so I wouldn’t get bitten. So I wore rain boots. It just helped me feel like I was protected. As I got to know Sophy I knew she didn’t bite but was just excited to see me when I walked in. She quickly learned that I wanted her to sit before I could pet her. So now the moment she wants me to pet her she will sit. We got our second dog, about three months after Sophy. We named her Emma. She is a sweet senior dog!!! Both dogs were from the shelter, and I could tell that Emma was probably spoiled at one point and stayed near her owners on the bed or wherever. I knew she wanted to be cuddled. I wasn’t comfortable with just cuddling her with bare hands. So I take a towel or a blanket to wrap her in.

What visitors can do

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We kind of chill all day #dogs #pets

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