Maltipoo and Toy Poodle

Sophy and Emma are shelter dogs we adopted from the Harris County Animal Shelter! They helped me get over my PHOBIA of dogs. For the most part they are very easy. At home, they don’t bark and just lay around. Now, Sophy the Maltipoo is very protective and continues to bark at house guests!!! The only way to really to stop it is if you pet her and give her some lovin’. Since getting Emma, Sophy has stopped barking at other dogs during walks. So having Emma the Toy Poodle has helped Sophy. Emma is about 10 years old and Sophy is almost 3. We have had Sophy for about 7 months and Emma for about about 2 months.

Here they are on a Saturday morning!


Wondering where my human is (he is doing errands … car wash … store run )

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Sophy is attached to Andell who stays with her all day working from home. So when he isn’t home, she sure does miss him!

Her little corner

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Emma is very low key. The dishwasher is on, so she is sleeping in her favorite corner of the kitchen listening to the sound.


Double Leash For A Toy Poodle And A Maltipoo

My son has started to research using a double leash. This was his own initiated product research and I never even thought of it. But looking to see what’s good out there!

From many sites one con to a double leash in general is that it doesn’t provide enough space between the two dogs. We will have to think about that one as one is a strong Maltipoo and our other is a gentle Toy Poodle. Just from looking at a couple of double leashes, I do have to make sure that they fit the types of dogs we have. I like that the pic above states specifically that it is for smaller dogs. Would love your thoughts on double leashing!