Gifts for 9 year old boys and a 6 year old little brother

My son saves items from Amazon to purchase later. Usually he will tell grandma to buy him a few things based on what he has saved in his shopping cart. How is that for delayed gratification? Here are some items on his list. First, he is into NBA basketball jerseys!

Because he is into basketball…

Little brother’s favorites

Working From Home Skills

Since our youngest was born, Andell has been working from home. Shortly after, my sister started to work from home also. There are more opportunities now to do that. I predict that many income earners when my kids are grown will be using their home as the primary site of employment. Or as many like to call it, working but be location independent. Basically, have a working laptop and internet access and you can work and earn income. Based on what I overhear from my husband while he’s working, there are definitely key skills that I have to think about for my sons and what they will need to develop.

1)Communication- working from home involves a lot of verbal communication. Conference calls with peers  and clients are heavy on Andell’s schedule. Like I tell many of the parents I have conferences with, make sure your child is having lengthy conversations with you. From a community and business stand point, I would definitely say that public speaking/communication type programs are needed. In addition to Kumon type businesses, schools to promote communication need to be developed.

2)Tech-Saavy- With this, I am talking about using all the right tools/media. If you haven’t been in  school or worked in a while, you need to experience online learning platforms such as Blackboard. Google VIPKIDS where kids in China are learning English from teachers online. Definitely practice using all forms of social media. If you aren’t on Pinterest, atleast create a secret board so you have a grasp on it. What this means as a parent is that eventually, your kids need to use social media because they will be using different platforms similar to them in the work place later, working from home or in traditional settings. When should you start this? As I roam the web and talk to parents, I have seen parents allowing their 12 year olds to start using social media with public settings. Many parents in the suburbs where I live get cell phones for their teens between the ages of 14-16.

3)Tunnel Vision- You do have to focus on your work goals at home.  There are still deadlines to be met.

4)Network- You still have to know how to mingle with people! Make sure you don’t lose that ability.

5)Education-  Definitely research what jobs are out there now. So many job titles are new.


What your kids could be doing at home:

1)Email people (family members)

2)Create digital presentations (it’s not just basic PPT)

3)Create blogs

4)Create movie files and upload to YouTube

Practicing to work from home #wah

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Board Games

My sons recently requested to play board games together! Miracle, right? Who asks to play board games these days? I was glad that they did. I have tried different ones and the one they are enjoying the most right now is the Monopoly Disney Cars version. My older son who has a fascination with everything related to Pixar enjoys this game with his little brother in first grade.

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On our recent trip to Toys R Us we also bought Pie Face. We haven’t played it yet. I am just still surprised that they are asking to play something that is not anything related to a smart phone or a tablet! The great thing about Toys R Us is that they price match from Amazon. For this shopping trip, I did request a price match and I saved quite a bit! I am thankful that there is internet while in Toys R Us to look for those deals! So stores do make it hard to get reception preventing you from price matching.

Here are the direct links from Amazon!


Pie Face!


A game that we played a while back when my older son was in Kinder was Sequence. I should pull that out again soon. He did enjoy it at that time. This game was really enjoyed by my second graders also as part of a station.

There is a kids version.

We might have to be unplugged for a couple of days as a tropical storm is heading our way. Wish us luck!


Noise Sensitivity At Age 3

When my son was three years old, he developed noise sensitivity. Noises that didn’t bother him at the age of 2 and younger, bothered him at the age of 3. The sudden onset of laughter would make him panick. Whenever his father and I had conversations where our volumes went up, he would have a very negative reaction. In front of him, we had to make sure our tone would not cause him to get frantic.

At age 4 we tried auditory integration therapy. At that time it was one week’s worth of different sound frequencies delivered through headphones. If you called audiologists, they did not do anything for hyperacusis till the age of atleast 8. I found someone who did AIT whose own twin sons had Autism. Many occupational therapists are the ones to provide this therapy now. The cost of one week of therapy was about one thousand dollars.

At the age of 5 years old, since he loved basketball, we registered him to play basketball. He could not stand the buzzers and whistles. He would play in court covering one ear and then handling the ball with the other hand. After one season we stopped. The problem with noise could be found in the school setting. When he entered Kinder, you bet it was hard for him to hear that fire alarm! He wanted to stop going to school because of that. Then he memorized that the principal would have them before the 15th of the month. His anxiety was so high that he wasted brain power to memorize that schedule. It did take a village to help him. My sister was busy googling and got him headphones.

Sometimes he wore the noise cancelling headphones, other times he didn’t. But it was always in his backpack. This summer at the age of 9, he asked us to sign him up again for basketball. He felt he could handle the noise. Guess what?! He did! His love for basketball was even greater than his anxiety about all the noise! Thanks to for having such a great basketball program!  This was the program we signed him up with  when he was 5 and now at the age of 9.



We are so proud of him!

Summer Get-together

The best way for me to have a get-together with active boys is to make sure that a place will allow them to be active! The boys got to be active at Levy Park when the boys’ cousin came down for the weekend!

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There is a mini golf area with seating around so you can watch them play!

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The boys were joined by another cousin who just happened to bring a soccer ball. They burned energy!

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I did say burn energy!!!

More climbing around!

Meet new friends!

The park provides many carts with magazines to read, art supplies to be creative, and games for your family! Use of these items are for free!

@leelee_paz_t here !!!

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For sure on Saturdays there are food trucks!

Dinner option 2

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Dinner option 1

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There is a spray park area, so be sure to bring swim attire and extra change of clothing!!!

To end the weekend with their cousin the boys did a lot of swimming!


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We did pool hop thanks to the boys’ aunt!

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I should have taken pictures of the MANY steps that even I decided to climb on many times! What else can you do in this Texas heat?




Toyota Center Tour

I am always amazed at what activities interest my sons. The latest one is to tour Toyota Center. The boys have taken a liking to basketball this summer and being in the NBA is part of their dream.

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He's dressing the part #NBA #goals #adidas #dressedforsuccess #fakeittillyoumakeit

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Here is information about the Toyota Center Public Tour !

Socks are from Amazon !