Birthdays in your Eighties

This was my grandmother’s post Hurricane Harvey birthday party! Something my mother started was for each grandchild to get a mini cake. Here is a pic of the actual cake made by Angel from Cake4Tay

The party was held at my mother’s favorite venue Sweetwater Country Club

Some birthday gift ideas for a celebrant in her 80s!

Jeep Commander

So long Jeep Commander
You were always ready to wander

From Texas to Arizona
We even took you to Chattanooga

From the snow in Santa Fe
You led us to any way

We took you to the northeast
And to Florida for a feast

You carried more than a load
From Lowes and Home Depot
You were the size of a great big hero

We wanted to see you over the 200k mile
You almost made it and you tried for a while

But came Harvey and brought much rain
We will now take you out of your pain

You were our first car as husband and wife
Not going to lie it hurts like a knife

Our ode to you our very first Jeep
You were totaled and must go to sleep


After Hurricane Harvey, we can finally celebrate my grandmother’s 80 something birthday!! Here she is from 2 years ago at 80+.

Below is a photo from this year during my mom’s birthday.

With 80 something gmother

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It’s pretty neat that my mom at 62 still celebrated with her own mother.

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My grandmother loved Oil of Olay! I am sure she continues her evening ritual with it. It has definitely worked for her skin!