Cauliflower Rice

I have lost just over 5 pounds and I have 15 more pounds to go! This past week I lost 2.5 pounds and that was mainly eliminating rice and replacing with cauliflower rice! My biggest craving was cheese and I found that cauliflower rice with cheese satisfied that craving. I replaced soda with red wine in the evening. I am not that much of a fan yet of red wine but it does do the trick.

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During the next week, I will definitely have to be more active. I have changed my diet so drastically that I can’t make any more changes to help with the weight loss in that department. Good luck to those of you with weight loss goals and hope you follow on my road to losing fifteen more pounds!

Eating Right at 40!

I am definitely having to watch what I eat now!!!! The levels are creeping up and my goal is to lose 20 pounds! Journey with me on the road to losing those 20 pounds! Hubby and his levels are at an elite status. Mine are not. I am definitely going to have to move daily and sweat it out. Since getting the dogs, hubby has been walking 3 miles a day. That has probably maintained his levels well. HAHAHA! Please comment away on your goals!

At work, we are also starting a weekly weigh in to not gain when the holidays come. So a coworker and I are joining that and texting each other after every walk we do. In the past I do get to that obsessive point. I am not going to lie, I will probably get a little bit that way since I am really serious about this.

This weekend we went to the Asian market to get my favorite vegetables and had our walk. Good luck to me!

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Ginger for my black tea

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3 miles

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Urban Air in Pearland!

Yesterday we went to the Urban Air in Pearland! It was a cousin’s birthday and we were lovin the go karts!!!! The Sugar Land location does not have the go karts. We are hoping it will come our way! The cost when we went was $24.99 for 3 rides with an adult. The rides last 6 minutes each. You may have to verify this, but you can go solo when you are 48 inches tall. Here are some photos from the party and the go karts!

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Go carts here !!!

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Happy birthday Aria !!!! @candaceandrea

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My Feng Shui Mistakes

Here are my feng shui mistakes! Learn from them!

1)A mirror directly across the bed! I am definitely removing it but looking to see what to replace it with! I am going from brown furniture to something lighter. So something like the mirror below would work. I am still browsing!

2)Clutter! Frankly with two people working full time, we need someone to help us. Now in other countries, someone would be in charge of this daily. However, we aren’t in that position. If I can only clean one area..I will now clean the kitchen area daily!!

3)Welcome mat with your name or initials! I did quickly change that!!!!!!!!

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The new one is just a simple WELCOME!

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4)Not having a money tree!

5)Not using the right colors for me (car, etc). I now have a black car, which is the best color for me!

It’s a creative decorating challenge I love to take on. Good luck with your Feng Shui decorating!

Copper Kitchen

Saw a glimpse of copper colored kitchen items that I wanted to share! Definitely would love these for myself. The first are a set of mixing bowls. They are definitely under $50.00 and would make a great gift for the holidays or for birthdays.

The next set of items are copper colored canister sets. Some days I do want them, but I am always trying to declutter the kitchen counter areas. So I am not sure. If I did get some, then for sure I would love the copper finish ones or those with a touch of copper.

Some sugar and creamer set!

Treats container!

Hope you liked the gift ideas for under $50.00 !

13th Anniversary Inspirations

For this anniversary, we are going to be having a big pictorial!

October Lights and Halloween

My son loves the holidays that involve decorating with lights and inflatables! Here in America, that would be Halloween and Christmas time! I love watching him plan how he is going to set up. Luckily, my dad helps him a lot. My dad has his ways such as using wooden stakes to hold the inflatables down and covering electrical connections with plastic materials. It takes my son the whole day to decorate a front lawn. But he is always so happy with the results.

We have a variety of lights for Halloween that have caught his eyes. Mostly, they have been purchased at Wal-Mart. Here are some examples:

#lights #halloween

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Bring on the skulls, spiders, and jack-o-lanterns!

He says he's too busy decorating gma's place that he can't decorate ours

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Of course, the plain orange ones will do also!

His newest addition to the inflatables is the white ghost from Wal-Mart.

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Not sure if we are trick-or-treating this year. We may just be giving treats for the most part. They did pick out their costumes purchased from Wal-Mart also. One will be Lego Batman because we couldn’t find a scary enough clown. The other one will be Pikachu from Pokemon.

I will add the Amazon links for those costumes in case you are on the go and just need to buy them fast!

This price is for under $16.00 in a child’s size small.

The Lego Batman was definitely cheaper at Wal-Mart. However, if you have the Amazon gift cards, this may be better for you!

Hopefully, my son will get to decorate our lawn soon! We have our own inflatables to put up. The next project is to get some photos of Emma and Sophy using some Halloween background. It will be our first Halloween with the pets and I am looking at Pinterest for inspirations of course. Be on the lookout for costumed versions of Emma and Sophy on this space!

Great Wolf Lodge Grapevine Review

We spent the weekend with our worldwide traveling family so all the cousins could be together at Great Wolf Lodge Grapevine! On our way from Sugar Land we definitely stopped by two Buccees to stretch our legs and refuel. So that broke the long road trip for us.

Since we lost our Jeep Commander to Hurricane Harvey, we took Andell’s 11 year old BMW 335i. It did well! To get the most out of your stay, you can start using the waterpark at 1 pm prior to check-in. So get the kids in their swimsuits already before entering. You will get white wristbands. The boys were amazed! They have been to MANY waterparks, but they still entered with awe and amazement. Your kids will have fun even if you won’t! But you will most likely have fun!

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There is an outdoor and indoor area. Know that the outdoor closes about 5 or 5:30 depending on the day. The indoor one closes later. You will need to go to the lower level to get to the entrance of the water park areas. There at the ground level you will see the arcades, pizza restaurant, little girl’s spa and all the other things to entertain your little guests.

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Since my boys love basketball, they obviously could not spend too much time in the water basketball section. The teens love that section too. So just keep an eye out. The teens were friendly when we went and entertained the boys. They even gladly shared the balls.

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There is a lot of seating in that section and about two handicapped tables. Grandma and Grandpa hung around there while waiting for the rooms to be ready. I will tell you that if you don’t wear your swimsuit, it will be hot for you indoor. You might as well take a dip! Or have plenty of cool drinks with you.

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It is a waterpark and there will be many steps to climb! What’s great is that you are not under the blazing sun and it is manageable!
You will definitely get your steps while being with the kids/having fun.

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We booked the rooms with the bunk beds, and I would do that again. It just makes it more fun for the kids. You are able to have 7 in each room.

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We did have to move out of our room, at GWL’s request because there was a maintenance issue affecting the room below us. But they absolutely more than made up for it! We enjoyed a great breakfast buffet for the 13 guests. If you have a large group and want to spend some time together, this is a great place to be.

Some more photos of the trip!

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The kids had such a blast, they were really begging us to go return the following weekend! We will be back!